Ni June, School Fires have started

[SIZE=3]Uriri High School students burn dormitory after being denied chance to watch Kenya vs Algeria match [/SIZE]

The students reportedly wanted to the Kenya vs Algeria match yesterday that was taking place in Cairo, Egypt. However, their quests were turned by school’s administration hence spurring dissent. According to the school principal, an alarm was raised by the school watchman that the dormitory had been set ablaze before the neighboring community and students themselves came in to contain the situation.
Property of unknown value was destroyed during the inferno. “No casualties have been reported, we have launched an investigation into the incident and soon we will know what transpired,” a senior police officer told journalists.

Never have I seen such a useless generation, I fear for what is ahead of us.

But seriously, what the fuck do school administrators smoke? Game ni ya Sunday, and the entire thing lasts less than 2 hours. This is just a power trip on the part of administrators. Unless these little arsonists just used it as an excuse, the management is to blame.

don’t be ignorant , in the 80’s and 90’s studenta walikuwa wanachoma fellow students ati ni strike , every generation is a reflection of their parents …
…plus african teachers think being strict and restricting fun will bring A’s to a school , in my highschool you wouldn’t even bring sweets in school …just stupid !

Teachers are just imbeciles nothing else

I understand “Uriri” means bed.

Well they made their bed. Let them lie on it.

Don’t be ignorant. Kyanguli was NOT even in the 90s. It was on 24 March 2001.

We also had a stupid principal, you would think the school is his personal property, world cup ya 06 tulihata yote but final ilibidi atii ju all indicators ilikua kanuke tugehata kuona.

Where did i say Kyanguli Fire happened in the 90’s ? WHERE ? and even if that’s the case , 2001 aint far off the mark ,
similar serious cases took place in the 90’s

Your attachment is a TV report on the Kyanguli fire tragedy. You had said -

Ama you had intended to contradict yourself with the 80s and 90s comments coupled with the Kyanguli attachment?

Yes. You are off the mark when you talk about the 80s and 90s and then attach a TV feature about something that happened in 2001. …way off the mark.

Tell me of one school in Kenya in the 90s or 80s where students burnt each other in their dorms.

Those were isolated cases, and weren’t as rampant.

St kizito

I heard Prof Magoha saying during his meeting with principals that even day school are now burning property. The type of beating that used to be there kuchoma shule for your parents to end up paying for it was very far from the mind but hawa kababa generation. Very spoilt.

St kizito school in Meru 1991? Bombolulu Girls (1998)? Nyeri High school in 1999? Truth is that school discipline in the 1980s and 1990s was far worse than today! It is just that the media was muted and people found it acceptable. I still remember high school riots in which we would bring the town in which our school was located to a stop. But government capacity to deal with shit those days was also very limited.