Man fuck NHIF!
I was praising it but today I have found out that NHIF is a big joke!
Imagine being told to pay cash for drugs and tests reason being they aint covered by NHIF so my question is why the fuck am I paying for NHIF if it cant cover the same tests and drugs??

I just dont get it!

It is a money pit for big wings msee. Hujawahi jua?

Nhif ni ya kitanda boiled food, na panadol tatu

What drugs? ARVs? Ama za Syphillis?

Pelekea @patco your stale homosexual jokes.!

Tall Meffi acha visirani

That’s why nilisema sitawai lipa hiyo meffi Tena.

Njaruo iko nini?

Unajua private insurance naeza kuwa natumia…NHIF ina upuzi mingi sana

Ni madhe atakulipia ama?

Acheni matusi.nani nani anajua the best health insurance cover atuchanue manze…
Same problem here


Insure your health with Jesus and put your money in investments (NHIF is not an investment but a THIEF) - cograts for trusting your money with a thief

NHIF covered my Dad two years ago, they paid over 800k for two weeks at Nairobi West, yes we still had to pay over 200 cash. Then again last year they paid 300k for him, this year they paid over 100k. though we lost him earlier this year, I can say NHIF helped a lot. Yes they’ll ask you to pay for this or that, yes in some instances your MRI will need approval which might take some time, but overall it has been good to us.

NHIF ni affordable but tuckertucker.
Pro tip: Engage adverse selection. This is where you activate your membership when you need it to save you and stop paying when you recover. Wait till you need it again and repeat.

Hizo Shimo zote watafunga. Utapewa 28…60 day waiting period utashangaa…