iko shida, kubwa sana,
if you can help kuja inbox

Weka hadharani ii maneno tuchanuke wote, alah!

yaani kaa uko dischrged kwa hosi NHIF haikutambui tena.
hii imeniuma sana.
where do i turn to

Aje sasa… They didn’t pay ama?

kwani unataka ukiwa dis

eti hivo ndivo wamesema.
fully paid up member from 2004 alafu NHIF chieth, kwani hua tunalipa nini every month
an docs hapa saidieni, tuweekeeni links where we vent

On what grounds are they refusing to pay?

eti we have been discharged,
haki inauma

VC i thought the hosi processes the NHIF thing before you leave. Actually, at admission, the hosi checks if your cover is up to date. On the day of discharge ndio wanacalculate your invoice and bill NHIF. But there was a time they used to refund, i don’t know about nowadays.

now,my fren, what if you discharged mapema before bill rises, docs i have show bed is 9500 per day na wameruka.
please tell me what to do
cc: @Luther12

Did you check how much NHIF pays for the bed at the hospital you were admitted in? Anza hapo.

I remember how some time back, Aga Khan Msa told me the same thing. That NHIF had refused to pay fully for a semi private room. I paid to get my patient discharged.
Then went back to discover that NHIF paid only 1K for bed at Aga Khan. Aga Khan had demanded 10K. Relief came when I pointed out that we had not requested for the semi private room. They had put my patient there due to lack of beds…refund ya 10K pap

Fuatilia hiyo kitu @Meria Mata

Hapa hata mimi I’m at a loss in what to say. The things going on there sielewi.

Nhif only pays where they also have share… Nowadays hospitals file fake nhif costs and nhif pays immediately since they also get share… Nhif has been hijacked by the corrupt


@Meria Mata kama uko buyer beware ebu weka hii issue uko…kuna experts wengi na individual experiences mob

A times NHIF need to approve your medication before being treated or u should have a report of the previous medication

What if it’s a surgical procedure?

Naeza kuanikia hii maneno huko buyer beware, tuskie vile watu tasema

I prefer those other insurance covers hata kama ni gharama