"Ngurario" and its meaning: Wasapere wakae wakijua.....

Just stumbled upon this youtube video while i was unsuccessfully looking for that video of a man beating his wife.
Anyway, ii think this man couldn`t explain any better the significance of this Kikuyu ritual.


Good one Kababa… Ndanyita ate higo iromagerera nyondo… Hau ni maa.

reu nekee geke?!!

Mkosa mila ni mtumwa. Nyee ino!

Ukipata hio clip ungine ya wife beater update, hata mimi naitafta

So this clip today on utube tafadhali fafanua?

aaaah gui

I only know of NGUÎKO.

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Hehehe. Hio clip unaitafutia nini?

Anyway, that cultural process today has become an elaborate extortion game as I see it. Kuitwa tu ocha every other time to exploit some poor chap who happens to be marrying one of my cousins. The custom is good but ile kuhandana huhappen apo mwisho si poa.

This generation has lots its culture

you could say that again!
What a pity? Anyway,hatutachoka kuwaelimisha.

the purpose is for the married women to pay ‘dowry’ to their mother through their husbands.

I respect traditions but what will happen if this tradition goes the dodo way?

Some traditions serve no useful purpose in the modern world and must be left to die, as will eventually happen anyway.

True that. it’s sad that in trying to keep these traditions alive, threats or superstitions are used to make us afraid so that we toe the line.

A human being without the seemingly meaningless cultural practices becomes a low-level animal.

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And some funny taboos whose only use can be to provide comic relief. As we develop/industrialize our society will eventually shed off some/most of these communal bonds as we become more urbanized (and individualistic). It’s inevitable that some of these cultural practices will eventually die off.

Besides, modern day interaction between people of diverse cultures (via migration, education, intermarriage, etc) can only lead to the same result.

As we erase those old traditions we create new ones such as dwyfwy,single mothers and fathers,bachelor for life only to mention a few.:wink:

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Do you embrace all traditions, for instance, including fgm or early marriages? Some of them are retrogressive. Dowry is okay.

I disagree. New cultural practices will eventually/probably take up their place. Through our interactions with people from far off lands, we’ll discard what doesn’t make sense in our culture and adopt what makes sense from theirs.

PS: Equate yourself to an animal and life treats you as one.