Ngoja, hawa yengz watajua life tu.

I always pity these yengz that act like the world revolves around their ass. They are 18-23. Their skin hasn’t tested the ravages of time; it’s flawless. Their tummy is still flat. They have that freshness of youth; their genes haven’t been badly polluted by the KFC and Pizza Inn junk that @Young Sponsors’ feed them, and the fuckery and heartbreaks of fuckboys haven’t bombed out their personalities. Daddies jostle to pay for their fare. Lecturers dedicate special attention to them. Beta males knock each other out in order to carry their handbags. Everything comes easy, and so, they don’t develop valuable life skills. They don’t develop Grit.

Then life happens. Our hard work of paying for their meals pays off – tires in their belly, stretch marks zigzag down their tights, a double chin pops out. Their skin losses elasticity and now they can’t walk around without make up unless they want to scare babies. Their fat ass now makes them look like a baby hippopotamus (Milicent Omanga). Their personalities now stink to the heaves thanks to their heavy baggages delivered by fuck boys.

At that point, their fat ass stops attracting stares (Unless ni gym instructor anaangalia at a potential client). No one offers them a lift anymore. No fisi does a double take whenever they pass. No one allows them to jump the Nyayo house queue anymore, hapo ndio soja anawaambia: “wewe mama, hebu rudi upange like kama wengine!” It’s at that point that they realize younger-prettier-things have knocked them down the totem pole. Hapo ndio wanajua life.

Now, be warned! Never make a mistake of dating one of these aging bitches, watakukwamilia ile design kujai ona, halafu isisahau ile PSTD fuck boys waliwapea, so you won’t know when they’ll go crazy and cut off your dick.

Tutawakula tu tukiebdanga

Leta hekaya, ikuje fastafasta in 3D…the Wall is undefeated,it’s relentless and Savage

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D…nothing irritates a woman more than kumwambia ni mnono ( of which she is an absolute whale) ama kumuita mama…

Hehehe u young negroes surprise me. Hii energy yote huwa mna-expend celebrating the downfall of women u couldn’t get while they were at their prime would be better channeled at the gym or on your career. Focus on self-improvement, my friend. So that at 35 years you can be the male version of a 19-year-old lightskin girl with firm tits and a big perky ass.

Yes, women age terribly, this is no strange or unusual thing. It is also the reason why wise men marry women who are at least 10 years their junior. But celebrating their misery won’t buy you a BMW X6 or a mansion in Kyuna estate.

Kuna mmoja nilikuwa naona pale FB…always posting sexy photos akiwa na mini na mwoman alikuwa light skin… thayo zimeiva niaje…wacha kilost…sioni posts zake for mnths. Maee nimemtu imetokea pale ati new mother…na sioni dalili ya baba. Meaning ni singo mum but that’s not my point…mwoman anakaa karayi ya kupika chips mwitu banaa…amechapa kama doggy ilidedi last year.

These Kenyan ladies should take notes from European ladies…mtu ako na watoto wawili or plus but mwili ni ile ile.

Now it’s summer, am seeing alot of them on the streets in sexy attire wanaskuma tram. I will tell u 4 free our African ladies here aren’t tofauti from wale wako back home.

Hao wame beat mbaya. Mentality ya mtu akiwa na mimba wanakula bila kuji mind…kujiachilia and that’s why I don’t do blacks

The African genome is structured in such a way that it is predisposed to store more fat than the Caucasian one. Its not their fault that they metabolism slows down after hitting 30 na wanakuwa na flabby arms and droopy tits or a deformed ass ama kuma kupanuka. Wewe chukua slices zako na usonge

How about African Americans and jamaicans? Ni hii ufala ya kudishy over ati plus ya mtoto kwa tumbo ndio inamaliza hawa wanawake? And not that I haven’t seen Kenyan ladies who have given birth and still retain their body figure(s)

Chukua slices ukiendanga zako…hii ingine yote in porojo

lazima ujue hii ni kenya, we have more pressing issues like Tangatanga and rising cost of living than going to the gym and dieting.

No woman alive can escape the inescapable wrath of Mother Nature and the ravages of Father Time. Thats also the reason i dont do women over 25 years maximum.

Issa lie…Seen shiny eyes wamejimaintain na wako fine as if wako in their early 20s yet wako in their late 30s and forties…My previous boss a Wambui was soo damn hot at 42 and 3 kids…So ni kuji maintain…Even the other day met a petite Kisii chick from Kinoo area…She be at 32 and looks like ako 25 ivi…You might be just Pussy whipped or a white night for hippo ladies

Just how strong are these Ujeru women?

mimi apana date above 25…

Niaje @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii :smiley: You can run, but you cannot hide. My genius tells me there is a 99% chance this is your other handle.

Not everyone is idle like u @M2Random

You can deny all you want but you know that my assessment is true. I used to work counterintelligence. You are passionate about this topic and fit that profile perfectly.

Ok champ

Ok champ

kunyimwa kuma na tumsichana tudogo huuma na vile wewe ni mzee,najua uliabaki ukijiuliza" sasa ni nini sina ndio wanataka?"
leta hekaya