Ngina, hot damsel!

Happy mashujaa day!


Fuck you big old cunt

[SIZE=1]Ngoxi ya mbwa Ghaseer [/SIZE]

digi ni kipii

Digi kihiiiii


Kumbe mzee had a taste for cute faces. Am reliably informed that either Jaramogi or koinange sired her currently very powerful son when mzee was in prison

Saa zingine…yawa:rolleyes:…is it not so obvious DNA or no DNA that Uhuru is Kenyatta’s son. V strong genes. Sounds like those that parrot all day long that Prince Harry was not fathered by Prince Charles and yet the boy has his father’s many features…

Shosho, Tulia, one of those boys is Odinga’s son


That’s why Akwambo calls him my brother and he does the same. Have you heard Uliam call Akwambo brother?

Yule jamaa ya vitendawili !

digi kihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii