Ngai,i hope this is a lie

am reading some shocking news,that a lady was drugged on a broad day light kwa magari za ummoinner,the same sacco had an accident na train at mutindwa…i thank God nilitoka Narobi,but this circle i mean sacco…


Drugging, train accident, Ummoiner, you are just trying to find a way to lump the events together. There have been numerous incidents of guys being drugged and robbed in Citi Hoppas and Compliants on Ngong Rd.

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weka picha ya ‘on a broad day light’



How is someone being drugged in an Umoinner bus related to another Umoinner bus being involved in an accident with a train?o_OAlafu, if she was to be drugged in a Citi Hoppa bus at night it would have been okay with you. #Wonderful Shenzi:mad:

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just because you are a makanga there does not mean unitukane,robert alai spoke of it deeply and how it is one of the many cases,one is an accident,2,is a coincedence3,is a series,we know ummoiner too well

Nunua gari yako uwache kudrugiwa

wah,the last time niliingia psv was…when???3-4yrs ago

Naona tangu uanze kula punda akili hakuna. Sasa Alai akiongea juu yake ndio maana unakuja hapa ukiwika kama a lady ako on her periods. Please note that it is gay for a man to use words like ngai, mummy, woishe etc, hio wachia college girls.


congrats…you are now much fitter physically from all the walking


No wonder i hate nairobi with passion

Mbona? o_Oo_Oo_O (Nimefunga leso na kukalia stool)