next great scam

Kenyans in their millions will be texting away ! All waiting for that “special” phone call.

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This Government’s business is to protect its citizens, why are such things still happening in Kenya seriously?

What do you mean such things? This is entrepreneurship, and the last time I checked, betting/gambling was perfectly legal.

Kweli kabisa. Ni kama kusema sportspesa ni wezi

Wajinga ndio waliwao


Legal con

Banks are the real cons my friend. A bank will loan you 20million by going into your a/c and writing 20,000,000 without really having any such money with them. You buy something from a company and they go to the company account and write 20m and write in your account 0. They play that game forever. The thing is you eventually have to pay them interest, which is what they live on for giving you hot air. Whatever “money” banks use in their operation is non existent. The interest from banks is what makes money scarce for the many and plenty for a few.


pure nonsense never try

Zeitgeist Part two explains this very clearly…
Banks are bigger cons.


This one looks very shaky.

government can’t protect citizens from their own stupidity. ni mara ngapi wameumwa na pyramids, ma-310 n.k na hawasikii?

The government is there to facilitate business for such cons and others working against you. The whole thing is so complex so that it appears people have control over government, but in reality, they have none. A leader can do anything he wants with the people as long as he has enough money and government coffers. You seem to have a choice but you dont have any choice. You are allowed to choose from a group of people with the same interests so that it appears there is a choice but there is really none. And since you voted, when things go bad you find the problem in yourself, the voter, and thats the beauty of democracy. The voter now feels responsible while the real trouble makers laugh themselves off.

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