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The way Bernice left me after I asked her if she was the woman for me left me with more questions than answers. I think I had messed up everything as what I had said may have stressed her. In the afternoon she texted me “Leon, good night”, I told her good night before bringing up the small incident we had earlier, she replied " let’s not go there please". I respected it and didn’t want to push her off. The following day we put everything aside and worked out through the reports we were told to work on. Since I was impressed with her work, I suggested a date “Hey do you wanna go out with me on Saturday?”, " yea sure Leon, I would love to". Come Saturday we went to the date at a popular joint she suggested which actually turned out to be great as it had good food and the rates were affordable. It even had a playground resembling Uhuru Park where people could chill and just talk. We talked about common leaving the relationship stuff out, it was too early to bring it. When it came time to go home, we hugged but the hug almost lead to me kissing her but she evaded it in the process leaving me with a boner which she could feel it, “Leon, I think we can go home now I see some your second ‘brain’ is misbehaving”, I told her " You know its natural I can’t control it".

Everyone went home and we actually talked about it I started the convo “Hey, if I kissed you would you be mad at me?”. " Why should I be?? I mean you are a great guy and you deserve it," what did she just say?? I am a great guy and I deserve it. Now I knew I would have to play my cards real good. Yesterday, being casual Friday she came dressed in this little black dress that shaped her ass damn she was so fine asf. I swear this one I would fuck her raw if i got the chance to. I texted her “Hey you look so fine today, nice skirt btw.” Thanks Leon, you look good too". This response seemed like she just saw me as a pal. “I am seeing you have some lovely thighs”, " naona sasa leo hautafanya kazi vile umeanza ivo". During working hours she actually caught me staring at her three times. In real i was staring at her thighs they were just so fine. I imagined how hitting that pussy would feel like. " Leon concentrate" " I am trying to Bee but damn you got some fine thighs". “I see you are obsessed now, hey do you have some movies I can come take from your place?” . I said to her “Yes sure I have lots of em just come with your hard disk and I’ll sort you out”, " Okay leo after job tutaenda unitumie i have my hard disk in my handbag", “okay sawa”. We went home earlier as expected as the top management had a workshop to hold and the offices would be used so we had to go home. Now let the weekend start.

After alighting the matatu (route 11 but najua ntaonekaniwa siku moja) when going to my house I met the devil himself, Diego. Diego was the bad ass fuckboy I have ever known. The number of ladies he has fucked is equal to a common unit lectute hall at KU. I knew him to be this soft speaker with ladies and pap hivo ndo unatokwa dame. I saw him slice Caleb two girls on two different occasions and went ahead and fucked them whereas Caleb didn’t even have he chance to fuck even one of em. Today he ain’t gonna do that to me before he even started I told him “Caleb ana mzinga ya Hennessey hata alikuwa anakusaka ishia akusort. Nimemshow anieke yangu nakam, tenje yake ilisanywa jana ndo maana hajakuvutia”, being the alcohol lover he left without hesitation. Once in the crib Bernice started " You have such a nice house and so clean, this cleanliness belongs to that of a girl is there something you ain’t telling me Leon?" “Something like what, i do the cleaning myself and maintain it, did you expect to find a dirty place or what?” she continued “No its okay I like it that way”.

She gave me her hard disk I put it on the table and played the trick of “Bee usisonge kuna insect inatembea kwa shoulder yako imeenda na huku nyuma”, " insect, si uitoe before iniume", since she was holding still I came closer to her and made the first attempt to kiss her and it went through. She didn’t object and went ahead to kiss me. We kissed passionately for like 3 minutes before she stopped me to say “Leon, I think we are moving too fast”, man this chic had some fine lips damn the kiss was so good. She was a good kisser. With this I also know the day I will get the access to her pussy it would also be awesome. “I don’t think we are Bee, we are going just fine”, with that I went in for the second kiss which was hard and passionate as it involved me tossing her in the sofa damn my dick was so hard like fuck and I knew shoe could feel it my hands were deep in her mini skirts trying to remove the hot pant she was in at this moment even if it meant going raw i would do it. " Before I even removed it, she stopped me and was like “No, Leon we need to stop this, its not right”, she said as she adjusted her hot pant to where it was with my dick so erect how can she just leave me hanging like this? Why now? " Hey, i think its fine", trying to persuade her for her to give in and let me go on “You know I like you”, " I like you too Leon but hatuezi endelea you have just been on a break up and I have been on one too I think we both need time to think about it". Now I knew she liked me it felt great that she said it herself. Now I knew I had the chance to be with her. I tried to persuade her for just the last kiss but she was so adamant “I think we have kissed enough Leon, if I agree to the next one shit will happen and I don’t want it to; and hey we came here so that you could give me movies to go and watch”. Actually I had forgotten that she was there for the movies. I gave her the movies and we hugged as I escorted her to the stage. Its only a matter of days before she will be moaning in my bed with my dick deep inside her pussy.


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