News Aggregators

Hey yo fools. Goodmorning!
There was this case where Wa-ikulu took gugu and the belongs-to-the-sewer Daily post to court for libel.
Then I heard bla bla bla …oh sijui news aggregator…sijui oh. Then case sijui ilienda aje.
Tell me how do “News Aggregators” work?

Hii kijiji watu wametumia nini leo ?


It’s raining hapa githurai !

The Kenyan subsidiary was sued to hand over identifying information on the blogger. Information that is owned and controlled by the mother company. That’s what killed the case if I recall correctly.

A news aggregator in the Kenyan context is those copy-paste sites that never have original news. Perhaps a legal expert can comment on the liability of the operators.

Kimbia hapo jubilee bar kuna kuna za Mia mbili

Rioba somebody?

I thought libel and defamation cases fundamentally place the burden on the publisher i.e. even sharing libellious info on somebody is enough to convict u even if u are not the originator of the info.

The publisher was unknown at the time and the court was compelling the hosting platform to disclose his identity.

If I remember correctly the blogger is some Kisii fellow in downtown Nairobi. Some enterprising Kenyan leaked his identity a while back.