hi boys n girls. am new here …am looking for genuine friendships from both sexes n then we’ll see what happens after. no handshakes; hugs only. who’s first?


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:rolleyes: following…

wrong forum mate…

Kunyi mpya imefika
…, kazi Kwako @ junkie , pasua hii kitu


show me your thong/g string then we see what happens from there

@Nameberry1 = @sweetasscandy wa klost


KEB wako macho.

Hii ni shida tupu

<======================< Rudi hukooooo, facebook ulipotoka!

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picha matapaka?!?!

multi handle influx…:mad::mad::mad:

First of all ,wrong hole:: then u nid to clarify ua sex.

…and definitely a male

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Hii ni hizo robot naonanga hapa online

I think ,tht was a one racial thing ::white males n a black whore ,

Hahahaha y’all mkiamua can be so mean.