New Year's resolutions

Year has almost ended. Got me asking myself did wankers achieve their resolutions?? Me I didn’t jot any down, but I’ve made a step that has given me hope I’m headed to the right direction. At two decades old, I left my mama’s house, got myself a bedsitter. Sooner or later, ill be possessing an acre piece of land somewhere here, got a huge appetite for land, sometimes I’m convinced I’m related to Arap Mashamba.
That I know, somewhere in my head, a resolution has been achieved. But it’s too early to celebrate, we still gotta conquer the world an acre a time. (Mhenga Introvert, 2017 ) Mungu awabariki na atuonekanie. Sandeni sana

Right path son. Keep your eyes on target

Nichoree njia nifuate @Jimit ama hata kasketch