New year resolutions

Kupeana Mimba na kuhepa and watch from a far as @bryo changes your bastard’s diapers

Naomba tu @T.Vercetti awache uwongo na kuchukia waluhya!!:D:D


:D:D:D:D mtu anionyeshe iyo link ya byro kuoa single mother

Halafu utoklezee when your Kipii imemaliza form four and claim what’s yours :smiley:

Alafu at 60 akiwa broke and emancipated aanze kuomba msaada kwa huyo mkidi who will now be successful Ile design ya Diamond na babake. Kijana amuambie akanyage kubwa kubwa

Fúck a wider variety of women
Become free spirited
Travel to Indonesia and drink sakau
… cathine siachi ata na police brutality

Hii ni ujinga, kama hutaki mtoto usipeane mimba vaa jwala

My new year resolution

  • Stay healthy and focused
  • Fcuk more and more 18-24yrs
  • Travel and travel more

New Year Resolution

  1. Expand my weed peddling network
  2. Initiate more yutmans and teach them the truth
  3. Meditate all day all night all the time

Have you considered the risks of your hustle? Namely getting put away for a very long time? Is it worth the few coins you earn from it?

Risk is for entreprenurs ma friend, kwa bizz usiwai ogopa risks, instread try to challenge the risks

Your type of risk is different. Don’t be stupid.

Being stupid kwa sector yangu si stupid, wewe kama umeogopa kuface the government then kaa kando, kwani unafikiria nilianza hii bizz lini? My friend this is a game for the strong people. I pay tax ndo niuze bhangi, and I will continue paying tax ndo niuzee to a bigger area.

Your risk is not the same as that of other businesses. That’s my point. Other entrepreneurs don’t risk their freedom like you.

It is a game, Police bring it we buy from the and sale

Waluhya sio wabaya .Ni waluhya wachache wa ktalk ndio wako na upus chungu mzima.

Na ni maongo gani hio niko na nayo mjamaa? :smiley:

Weee nyang’au pia heshimu Jarruo.You always diarrhoea here about Jarruos being gay.Kama kuna Omondi ama Otieno alikudanganya akakufungua boot kwa boat in the middle of Lake Victoria it does not mean all Jarruos are gay.Understood?Good.

-Eat more meat and eggs and less simple carbs
-Do more compound exercises

New year resolution. Ni kuhave many streams of additional income