New Year Predictions

Happy New Year Wadau na Wadauress.
Late last year, we posted a similar thread on 2020 predictions.
Some of your predictions came to pass, like ile ya Moi meeting his maker. (May he RIP)
But none of us never really saw the darkness that lay ahead, in the name of an invisible enemy, the Corona virus.
Now that the annus horribis (horrible year) is coming to an end, what are your predictions for 2021?
I go first:
Politics: Gatheca will engineer Ruto impeachment after ze fall of BBI.
Sports: Kenya will shine again at the Olympics and Man Utd will win the EPL.
Place your predictions…

2021 will be much more difficult than 2021.

Food prices will hike due to bad weather and diminished farming tied to covid in Asia and Africa

Schools will be opened and closed again as kids take the virus home to their parents and Covid19 Ver 2.0 takes root

Jubilee will officially split into 2

Zima hio ndom

Administrator will continue creating handles to make it appear that the forum is very active.

Mourinho wins EPL
Leipzig wins bundesliga.
Zlatan wins seria A.
Ethiopia wins 10,000m both men and women in Olympics.
Bayern retains champions League .
New virus will emerge .
Turedio will go senate .

Niko huko already shini ya waters…


Hehe. Kijiji iko imara mdau.

A mutant strain of covid that’s resistant to the vaccine will emerge
Another deadlier pandemic than this one
Mandatory vaccine passports
Extreme weather patterns, earthquakes, tsunamis, drought leading to massive starvation
Economic hardship
America will go to war

Tehran will be bombed to the ground, mwizi wa Sugoi will be forced out of government, mkora Joe Biden will die…

5 elected politicians will die in office

Let me do it in the most ambiguous way, the way religious “prophets” do it.
[li]Three prominent people will die (don’t ask me which ones, pray to God to show you)[/li][li]Natural disasters will kill thousands[/li][li]Someone will become world-famous for creating something[/li][li]There’ll be a massive terror attack in a western country.[/li][li]A certain beloved talker will keep receiving thousands of likes from his adoring fans.[/li][/ol]

20k utapata next year?

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Achana na earthly pocessions

The new virus will emerge. That is for sure. Those that do not try and help themselves by practicing personal responsibility maintaining social distance, masking and sanitizing might find themselves in a v difficult place.