New Week!!

Someone please send me a dick pic! I need a jumpstart!


It’s a Monday morning chesos christ!

To FP it is Mjulubeng Monday. Different names same day

morning @Female Perspective

Ikiwa soft ama hard? What are the returns of investment?

Leta number ya woshap nikutumie prepuce ya Otis


Hard! Got no use for flaccid dicks!!

Tuma inbox…nikipenda twende WhatsApp

Whoremones zinasumbua ama unataka local kienyenji?

Good morning bae! Are you horny today?

Hapa tuma moja ya coomer kwanza… Lemmie know you’re real first

Ile siku FP atafungua inbox yake for Read Only Access hii kijiji kutakuwa watergate, Lewinsky gate and a million other scandals all rolled into one

:D:D:D:D kuna handle atabidi zijiuzuru from there on if that happen

The Edgar Hoover of Ktalk.

@fp haukuenda Mass jana?

She got absolution…to go and sin again. Good morning Padre @Liberty .

:D:D:Dfp inbox thighland nione kama itajumpstart mjulubeng

I agree. Nothing as frustrating as them!!
:D:D :D:D