New Telkom Offers

The 5GB lasts 48 hours and 60GB for 30 days. Friday Offers only apparently.

Wali-improve network ama bado unarushwa 2G after kubuy bandos?

Telkom works on 4G only Nowadays. Ikiingia 3G net hakuna. I’ve used it for two years,now mahali Central and it’s okay,for the price I pay,it’s okay.




5gb for 48 hrs on friday is good , people can watch EPL in peace . Telkom ni wajanja, the data niche soon itakuwa ni yao

Itakua yao kiaje na wako metropolitan peke yake

Force your phone to only use 4g

Wako manispaa

Nikiendanga Kiminini Telkom hushika 4G sijui unasema nini.

All offers on *544# are still pretty shit.

Deal safi sana ii kama hakuna kunyonga bandwidth

Mimi nilihama safcon since 2019 and telecom has bn working perfectly…

Nunua 020 line upate unlimited for 4k pm

Mimi kama wewe…2017

Telkom isn’t that bad, performs even better than some Wi-Fi providers.
Parts of Kiambu and surroundings.

Things changed only late last year. Currently I am using airtel 4G around the region but it started working around March last year ndio nikaacha safaricom

Hii ndio gani sijawahi skia.

I use it Central region and it’s okay. But whenever I’m not in major town,machos.

Actually I use it for more days. Just buy a day bundle minutes before expiration and it’s rolled over. And the cycle continues.