new talkers beware ! mashoga wa ktalk

@Tom Bayeye captain save a hoe
@Kimakia captain save a hoe
@Azor Ahai captain save a hoe
@Sokwe mtu

NV umbwa ghasia takataka

Huyu ni @Thiem. :D:D Nimemwonea mbali sana

Walikuomba mkia? Bomoa kabat

Do I need another fucking NV handle to tag you?:meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi:

Umewekelea hao wengine,am the only reknowned shoga here,you can’t take away that title from me.
From today choose your paths very well,tusikutane mahali otherwise you will be seen running away from kijiji with an already falling trouser and a small smoke oozing from the big O notation that i will have drilled on your behind.

firwa na mbwa msenge . @rainbowreigns kujia nyama fresh.

Meffi shoga wewe

@johntez addi gaza msafi
@captain obvious
@Kennedy Maina

@Azor Ahai isnt captain save a hoe, have you not read his comments, but ill be checking yours cause you already sound like a drama queen that needs to be blocked

firwa na azor meffi, Kwani unanyesha, ama uko na mimba? Sasa nikufe juu utaniblock

firwa na dogi msenge

nv chieth

Yaani mwanaume mzima can comfortably come out of the closet and announce eye hufira an kufirwa mkundu? Saitan

Unatakaje? Mluyha.Angalia inbox ;):wink:

Why have you left me out,i see frantic effort to snatch the title from me.
Add my name there unreservedly. Ghasia

Nikuulize alongside my name umesema am “captain save a hoe”… what does that mean???

NV chieth maduong’