New Safcom Data charges

I must say no matter how mad we are at these green monster for killin tht ‘sambaza internet’ thing they did a great deal droppin data charges,they even cosidered night runners with ‘night bundles’ plus u can subscribe to 2 daily plans,hope hawatachange…
Now we shud expect other service.providers to go down too.
Happy Day ppl.

I think its a better offer too. Competitors are just shitty. lakini imagine I had just bought 8gb from the green monster a day prior to the changes.


How is the Airtel unlimited package?

safaricom sucks big time…and by the way the charges are now higher if you take some minutes to think about it. You will now be paying more for your data

iko sawa #unliminet

Stability iko fine? Could be good for torrenting.

And validity for the same has been reduced from 10p.m-10a.m to 10p.m-6a.m. Huu ni upuzi upi?:confused::frowning:

Am using xperia c duo sim and got an airtel line. Its only connecting via 3g wwhich is damn airtel only on 3g kwani

Ain’t 3.75G the fastest for Airtel? Put Airtel Sim into Sim1 slot. If the 3G is slow, maybe Airtel is capping the net speed.

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Everyone is on 3G or its variants. I think the safaricom offer is nice for medium to heavy internet users. If I buy the 3k package I have 20gb of data which I can use within a month as opposed to previous 4k data which allowed me 8gb and 4gb nightshift. However, if you dont use data much you are screwed because your 3k bundle will expire before you use it. unlimited packages are usually slowed down. You can never expect unlimited data not to be slow becasue unnlimited at fullspeed does not make economic sense for the provider. I hope thay havent slowed anything down for those who buy bundles.

4G iko brathee…go to Village Market itisha juice and test 4G LTE.

Thats village market. There is no reliable 4G connection any town. I infact havent seen it even once on my phone despite setting it to LTE numerous times.

You have to get a new SIM card

I will try that.

airtel net = traffic

Not good

try YU works good for me…

ama arihell saa hii i think the speeds aint hell

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Yea…airtel #unliminet is current not good…myself am on Edge wacha ata wale wanalia 3G…sometimes i like safcom because you are assured