New Rules set to outlaw ‘mama mboga’

Thousands of vendors who sell farm
produce at kiosks and residential areas
are set to lose incomes as the agricultural
sector regulator moves to restrict sale of
food items to markets set up by counties
or national government.
Under the regulations proposed by
the Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Authority
(AFFA) to guide the
implementation of Crops
Act 2013, “all food crop
produce shall be offered
for sale only at designated
If approved by sector
players and gazetted by the
Agriculture secretary, the
new regulations are set to
upset the deeply entrenched
mama mboga culture preferred
for their convenience
by most households.
These kiosk and estate vendors usually
prepare much of their produce, for
example peeling potatoes and chopping
vegetables, ensuring that customers
leave with ready-to-cook food items.
Under the proposed laws, any person
found selling food items outside the designated
markets will face a Sh500,000
fine or imprisonment for a period of one Year’.

Why are these legislators always out to make the poor poorer and the rich richer.

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They are pushing the market to the haves…sasa Nakumat watakata skuma ya kumi:mad::mad::mad:

And then after few months ,those laws varnishes leaving memories of harassment…sasa city kanjo watashiba kweli

Na vile mama mboga huwa na bidii…this is sad!

damn thats fucking absurd

i dont think it will work in kenya

that would be another moronic law like the one that outlaws selling of potatoes between 6 pm and 6 am that is still in our law books…

who is the head of that authority because i think he needs to be sent back to his Kano plains home

ama anataka mama mboga warudie kazi ya kupanua?

who does this to poor hardworking folk? oooh, na msisahau kutokea national prayer day

Hii ni upuuzi na ushenzi,

The government should strengthen the informal mama mbogas form associations, get training on handling of vegetables, access financial services and not make it harder for them to engage in business.


Back when computers were zero rated for a while there was a “near equal” playing field that was until the made it such that only those who can import containers to run the show. Same thing happening all over again

spoken like a true NGO-type

Good observation gashwin.

But I think it’s a better approach than that proposed by govt.

Na sisi BABA Mboga je ???

They are already doing that. Democracy-The Government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE.

Can’t happen won’t happen, stop being hyper for nothing over some of these directives. How many times have I heard that nduthis shouldn’t operate past 9pm and yet I hear the damn things roaring their way past my house all night long.

Yenyewe I voted for this f*cked up government but I can now understand what they meant when they said “choices have consequences”

few laws if any are passed to give you freedom.