New Presenters for Top Gear UK

After Jeremy Clarkson was suspended, then fired by BBC after a small tiff with a producer this year, Richard Hammond & James May decided bilaz, they can’t continue without him and they also quit.

However, the trio will reunite for one last hurrah… to finish the 2 or 3 episodes from Season 22 that were incomplete before Jeremy’s suspension in March.

So BBC have announced that as from Season 23, there will be a new lineup of presenters. The new lead presenter to replace Jeremy is one Chris Evans. The announcement of the other two new guys is yet to made.

What remains to be seen is if the new guys will be as engaging, charismatic, humorous and as knowledgeable as the old trio.

I propose a black guy… And a chick. And ME as The Stig!! What do y’all think?

It will drastically different. Have you tried watching any of the other versions of Top Gear? I find the US one absolute garbage. There is only guy there who really knows anything about driving…even the australian version is weird. It will not be top gear as you know it. I will give it a try but my mind is biased, i will probably just go back to watching fifth gear on discovery.


trying to replicate the chemistry the trio had is next to impossible,love him or hate him Jeremy has the IT factor

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That’s what happens when you have one face for over a decade!..we can’t have another top gear without jeremy Clarkson!

reminds me of 2 and half men, once charlie left the show took a hit it couldn’t recover from

wacha tuone… new talent must be given a chance

we should write to them tuwaambie those 2 last episodes wafanye top gear special in Kenya,embark on a missionary kind of a journey like the white missionaries did

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Top gear doesn’t seem very factual to me…

they should do away worh the top gear brand in uk or take a long sabbatical to wean guys off the trio. my 2 million Zim dollars