New nyandarua agriculture CEC member

the new agriculture county executive officer Dr. KARITU has elaborate plans for the great county. He intends to retrench agriculture officers, you see in a county that has vast oil reserve which we shall be producing 3000 barrels per day as from january 1st 2018 agriculture can take a back stage.
As a county we need such high thinking officers with such right priorities

I wonder why they let the pyrethrum industry die. It was more profitable than milk production and potatoes combined

If you know farmers producing pyrethrum around nakuru and are looking for a market nione inbox

Smh…, Nyandarua is the food basket of KE. Elaborate indeed. :D:D

Happened elsewhere in 2016. I won’t elaborate.

I thought the new CEC agriculture for Nyandarua county is Ngandu not Dr.Karitu

Dr. Peter james ngandu karitu full name


The world has since moved on to synthetic pyrethrins. Largely because we messed up. At our best, Yugoslavia sent its officers to learn from us (quite ironical, considering the plant is native there).

We’ll pay dearly for some of these ‘mistakes’. For most of 2016 niliona wengi sana walikuwa wanacheleweshwa mishahara. They’re thoroughly demoralized, and the dep’t has literally no succession plan. Sadly.

akifuta watu kazi 2022 gavana anaenda nyumbani

Is this a bad joke or something? This is not even sustainable. Iraq, a war torn country produces 1 million barrels per day.

Hii county iko nyuma kushinda Haiti y lie I come from there buh ile ushamba iko huku ni beyond salavage .county HQ inakaa town centre ya kijiji

hii ni initial projection after a month wana estimate tutakua tuki toa 10m barrels a day.