New normal

The government will provide one tree per pupil.

So what happens when it rains?

Tree will act as a shade too

And they enjoy a cool breeze.

I listened to a whole Doktari and cabinet secretary explain that it’s a good measure because trees give out oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. And I wondered what photosynthesis has to do with a respiratory virus. Whether you think Covid19 is a plandemic or not, it is truly frightening that these are the kinds of people who call the shots in Kenya.

Tree teaching affects the pupils concentration.

io shule iko poa sana …hapo masomo inaingia fiti sana juu ya kaBreeze

Wanafunzwa na loud speaker ama how do the kids at the back hear anything?

Next term wataambiwa kila pupil akuje na umbrella ama no admission


Decision and policy makers in this country wako out of touch na reality.
Kuna headteachers walipropose shift learning, hio ikachorewa. Sasa watoto chini ya mti.

Haya, mnauliza kuhusu kusikia…na kuangalia kitabu je? Ushawahi kuangalia kitabu out in the open? The light reflection inasumbua sana.

Another thing, hundreds of private schools zimefungwa. Gova could have supported these schools to retain learners and teachers. But wapi.

Yaani watoto wa Magoha wanasomea a state of the art school yenye najua hadi iko n oxygen tanks for every kid just in case wapate covid alafu anasema watoto wetu wasome chini ya mti ati ndo wapate oxygen. Kwani wakisoma in a normal class watapata nitrous oxide ama? This guy’s reasoning is as wack as his baboon looking face.


Magoha has only one child. Adult who is a neurosurgeon and lecturer for UoN.
Unless Kuna illegitimate kids, or you are just being sarcastic

If you look keenly,some pupils don’t have the tree,they are sharing

Its ktalk,anything goes,besides,every big wig is known to hoard a bunch of illegitimates and it all comes to light when they nyuria,so i wouldnt be surprised if the baboon has kids in such schools

True. Hata watu husema kufa tujue kwenu

Hii regime iende nyumbani na hizo pamphlet za bbi quick fast, this is the height of gfy to the people

Which tree?