New: Milk Distribution Factsheet

Consider this:

[li]Total processed milk in Kenya ( as opposed to raw) = 636 million liters.[/li][li]The average consumer price of processed milk per liter – Kshs. 100.[/li][li]Total value of processed milk - Kshs. 63, 600,000,000 – Kshs.63b[/li][li]Average distributor share of processed milk value – 10 %[/li][li]Distributors value of processed milk = Kshs. 6,360,000,000- Kshs. 6.3 billion.[/li][/ul]
Mouthwatering, right?

Yes but, not all processed milk passes through the distributors.

But, whatever way you look at it the figures due to distributors are in billions. Start distributing milk and get a share of the billions.:wink:

Becoming a milk distributor is easier than ever before. What with long life milk and competition among processors.

But, to get it right you need to understand the market and the numbers.

Thus, the reason to read the new Milk Distribution Factsheet which answers the following questions:

[li]What is the market for milk like ?[/li][li]What do you require to start ?[/li][li]How much do you require to start ?[/li][li]What is the process?[/li][li]How much are you likely to make ?[/li][/ul]

In addition you get important facts, details, figures and contacts to enable you start the business. As updated as July 2021.

Contents included in the short but dense factsheet are:

[li]Background[/li][li]Existing distribution method[/li][li]Milk production figures[/li][li]Classification of processors[/li][li]Types of milk products[/li][li]Trends[/li][li]Demand trigger[/li][li]Demand curtailers[/li][li]What to expect[/li][li]Room for innovation[/li][li]Lowest barrier[/li][li]Highest barrier[/li][li]Highest demand[/li][li]Lowest demand[/li][li]Frequency of use[/li][li]Scalability[/li][li]Switching costs[/li][li]Loyalty[/li][li]Differentiation[/li][li]Risks[/li][li]Why it could work[/li][li]Why it could fail[/li][li]Market entry[/li][li]Resistance[/li][li]Cross selling[/li][li]Business outlook[/li][li]Key Activities[/li][li]Resources Required[/li][li]Process[/li][li]Case study - Medium scale set up[/li][li]Price : Processor - Distributor[/li][li]Price : Distributor Retailer[/li][li]Premises[/li][li]Stock[/li][li]Licenses[/li][li]Operational equipment[/li][li]Sales & management equipment[/li][li]Marketing equipment[/li][li]Manpower[/li][li]Working capital[/li][li]Capital breakdown[/li][li]Monthly expenses[/li][li]Monthly revenue scenario[/li][li]Sales[/li][li]Gross profits[/li][li]Expenses[/li][li]Commissions[/li][li]Net profit[/li][li]Observations[/li][li]Processor contacts[/li][/ul]

Get access to this Milk Distribution factsheet @ an introductory offer of Kshs.99 instead of Kshs. 300.

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