New midrange phone vs older flagship

2022 Review

2020 review

So what was your take away home point after watching the video?

It’s better to go for an old flagship, if you can get a good refurbished/ renewed one.

However, be ready to replace the BATTERY… at flagship battery prices. Even if you get a phone in tiptop condition, it is unlikely that the battery will be as good as when it was new.

Also, be ready to miss out on some software updates.

For instance, Galaxy Note 9 was the flagship Samsung in August 2018. It’s technically a 3.5 yr old phone but it still has specs that will put most midrangers of today to shame. If you look hard enough at Amazon, you can get it for around $200. However, it will mos def need a new battery and it will only update to Android 10. Plus Samsung will prioritize most One UI updates to the newer phones.

I’d say the sweet spot is a 2yr old flagship, if you can double that budget. You can get a Refurbished Note 10 plus for $400! A 2020 flagship!

Mi huona hata updates I can stay without, battery replacement nayo can’t eat you more than 5,000Kes so an older Flagship for me.

A 2 year old flagship puts a 2022 midranger to shame!

Not true. Most midrange phones get 2 years of updates. Now Samsung flagships get 5 years of updates. So theoretically you can buy a galaxy s22 in 2024 and get more updates than a OnePlus midrange launched the same year.

Even now an S20 will same number of updates as a 2022 Xiaomi midranger

My Samsung Note 4 battery lasted less than 6 months. No update, still uses the Android 5! Tried to put lineage OS. Still trying.

Aisee ,hapa unatubeba vingine kapsaa! Samsung Note 6 you bought it from which galaxy?

Galaxy note six was discontinued and recalled because it was a disaster. Only a limited quantity was re-released as the Note fe. Could you be talking about the S6?

All the people commenting on this thread are…ama Wacha tu

Sipendi Samsung. Its Note 4 bought ages ago

Note 7 ndio ilikuwa na battery disaster and discontinued. Came back as note 7 FE.

Updates may be a bummer to some but better get a popular brand flagship because ya support by third party OS kama akina lineage etc. Many people still make those builds so una upgrade. iPhone also tend to maintain software updates even for devices older than 5 years. Plus locally they maintain resale value well

True that. My bad!

A Samsung Galaxy S8 also still stands strong today. Try VR videos and games and see how responsive the sensors are compared to a OnePlus Nord N100 or a Samsung A22s.

Mediatek hoiyeeeeee

It depends on how you use your phone. But si simu nikuongea, kutext, ama