New KCSE grading

Candidates will now only have 2 compulsory subjects Maths plus 1 language either English, kiswahili or sign language, and 5 subjects of their choice.


I have no problem with it. The current grading system has been condemning more that half of the students to oblivion with very slim and expensive hope of getting tertiary education.

So what’s so special about the new grading system. Hii ni sawa na kupiga mto dasta

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More will end up qualifying for Campo, tvets etc in our times subjects like kiswahili iliangusha wapi mbaya sana, unakuta you missed qualifying for your desired course na 1/2 marks coz of that C you got in swa

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Yenyewe kiswahili ilitufanya maneno

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With this new grading system, ningeingia medicine straight. Kiswahili iliniseti noma. It is sensible to be proficient in one official/dominant language. Who needs multiple languages to communicate?

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Kiswahili kitukuzwe sio lugha yetu kaka

Kiswahili kifukuzwe! :grin:

but hakuna lugha tamu kama kiswahili ukiwaskiza wa coast. Hapa nai huwa tunabonga kitu iko related na kiswahili

I got a strainght A in swahili. Unaangukaje lugha ya taifa

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