For those who have passed by Luthuli avenue of late am sure you will agree with me that its now looking great. Did the Nairobi county government decide to work on Luthuli avenue because its hosts a number of sex brothels?Like Amar,Kitale East and Rico

Kitu ya maana ni bado malanye wako

Aden bay haina malanye?

Aden haina madem,at the sametime customers hawaipendi

If you want to see how prostitutes in Nairobi are facing tough times, go to sabina Joy tonight and look at the number of men going for short time sex…

A club in river road without prostitutes is a dead business

Yap wako

Of late men want to drink in clubs where they can see ladies too. Actually prostitutes are the major selling points in any club

That shows pesa inatoka mbali

A photo of the said avenue will help us understand how good a job has been done

Photo uliza itumbi aku inboks

Weka picha nani

Boss sasa hata picha ya pavement ? Au ya kanjo wakifagia ataa? Wengine tuko mashinani banae.

bila ata sketch jamaa:rolleyes::rolleyes::confused:

Oh yes

Tell them

Hii bado ni Vumbistan. :D:D:D. Nothing to see here.

I dont understand why Nrb cbd cant be clean.