New Hunting ground for Kikuyu ladies

There is this social media influencer called Ndingu Nyoro. Every wednesday he allows his followers to search or love on his page. Thousands of single/married/separated kikuyu nyengs comment on the post hoping to find a man. You only need to inbox and you have a date. Funny thing is vey few men bother to reply or comment on this posts. [=AZWTRhe8M1Rk63MsAcH5lbxHiyqI4cS7cDWu17GOW_Uqr9M5FTJTK8gBEvS8LNipRD_-pEQ8tsJnrJtYtqSIJUeqS1oFawBsxOcDBM2MOwB7mVn9p-fx2fmV4V67-zsNSs4&tn=*NK-R’]#WendoWednesday]('[0).


Harufu ya samaki iliingia ubongoni ama?



He he he, iko Kunguru hapo amewahi niosha rungu. These hoes!

name her

Social Influencers ni wengi trying these hook up things on their timelines sikuhizi. Muthoni Njakwe, Nikita NJ just to mention a few.

Funny thing is that the people posting there are bottom of the barrel trash Single mothers. Hapo hakuna mapenzi vile kende mosi @Mundu Mulosi amesema, they are just desperate hoes trying to get some dicking and some beta male to raise their brats and get some cash while at it. RESIST!

I never need isht in my lyfe

Ah! Omwami, nilidhani wewe ni mzee wa kanisa.

3k comments in 6hrs enyewe iko shida pale Mountain!

How comes hutawahi pata virgin 20-year-old akitafuta bwana just these over-used over 25 contraptions with baggage from here to Libya and an unimaginable mileage?

Ukingoja hiyo list utakuwa skeleton kabla itokee :D:D

Those young women get all the male attention. Women are most valuable at their peak years with zero baggage. Take those away and male attention disappears. Such lists will always be filled with single mothers. The bad product needs to be advertised because it can’t sell on its own.

Paka mzee mimi.

Lakini mutura-ndom umetuharibia wamama wengi hii kenya. U should be arrested for contaminating and adulterating the hunting grounds

80/20 rule works everywhere in life. 20% of the men breed with 80% of the women, and box out the remaining 80% into marrying those single mothers. That’s how the world works. Women experience it too. The young, fresh, and childless, hog all the male attention as the rest remain ignored for any long term relationships and get pumped and dumped regularly.

hook up najua ni zetu pale SJ, hizo nyingine sitambui.

Singo mathas everywhere

Bana, its like a plague. Juzi i took stock of all chicks i munched back in my campus heydays and i kid you not, 97% of them are singo mathas!

Kuna mmoja huuza kuma tagged na Badoo nimemuona Kwa comments akitafuta serious man