New Forum suggestion

@admin @Deorro and the rest, would it be appropriate to create a “Fashion and Beauty” Forum pia? Though I wont be posting anything there but the pink handlers and the rest in the industry will have a field day there comparing what bruce jenner wore at what event na kama Raira amerudia koti alivaa last week.

is that like asking for a friend?

almost, hehe. for mrs.

Not the admin we know.
Nobody ever has any idea better than his.

@admin also like a ‘facts’ or ‘did you know’ section will be highly appreciated.

Leo si guitar :D:D:D:D:D

alitii akarudisha green emoji. Wape time wachokore code

I’m here for that fashion segment.

niaje? ungekuwa ume-post ma 'chute (on behalf of @culture !) ndio members waseme zipelekwe section yake…

what is ma’chute?

he he…parachutes

this must be in relation to the lingerie i posted a while back ey…:smiley: posting anything that I intend to sell on ktalk is akin to wasting my time.No one bought the said goods.

Mrembo Use your soft power . Convince admin over easter.

@Deorro bae will you add a fashion segment for the pinkies and heck also for the blue handles who like to look good and keep up with modern trends?

Sawa bae will look into it, Promise to post content there

most definitely.I’m sure some people will.