New forum for food and fashion

We have added a new category to take care of food and fashion needs of our great community.
Ktalkers can now freely share how to cooks meals, best places your having that nice meal, latest fashion updates and any recommendations.
Will be grateful we contribute content as much as we can with regards to this category @Mrs Shosho
Cheers! :cool::cool:

Tulisema hata lugha ya mama inakubalika jamaneni

Thank you Admin. Hapa we will be telling each other where the next good restaurants are in each town/country. Does not matter where one is in the world.

Admin niongeza kacheo

@digi _chieth na @Akothee _meffi will love this
Thank you esteemed administrator, ule @admin alikuwa meffi in my eyes

I advocated for this section way back, lakini admins interested in siberia more than village advancements

I stopped short of mentioning you Digi. Hapa we will progress.

Toa kakitu…



Wacha nianze na mukimo as Duke said. First of all tuweke nyungu/pot na maize to boil kidogo…then put in the peas and potatoes. Then drain the water…hic (Mr Okiya~) then mash them together. As a side dish some beef stew…weee kali sana. Wacha nilete mbisha…

Your sis is back…amekuja na pia hiyo forum ikakuja.what a coincidence:D:D:D:D:D:D.kwa hiyo mukimo uweke marutu na kahurura,

I will wacha niende shopping for ingredients.

@Deorro kwani uliuza kijiji?hiyo kizungu haikai yako jaluo

@administrator yesterday as Elders we discussed and agreed all handles unfairly banned by a former emotional and biased admin by the name Purple should be brought back.
Kina, jirani, jazzman wote warudishwe tafadhali if you want the village to be more fun and to grow.

Sis takes the hit for everything. Ghai…she is strong. And now Admin you introducing the food and fashion forum will be blamed on her. Me and her have never had a discussion on such matters or all matters forum. Nonisensie

Food $ fashion is cool bora usikuje na kikuyu cooking spirit.Mimi ntawaletea men fashion moto hadi you start…acha tu.

Yes that is the spirit. Tuletee mavazii…tuone. Mimi nitaleta zangu mniambie whether it is worth it or not. Na kupika nitapika:D:D:Dbila maji…:smiley:

Share them kindly.Tnx

Asante sana bwana @administrator please bring back the below handles who were all banned for having conflicting views with a former biased moderator by the name @Purple .Bring them back and you could monitor them, cool guys who lightened up the village with amazing content.


Why are you tellin lies? why? Jazzman is v much around and no he was not banned by purple. You are actually looking to stir shit. Leta manguo tuone.