New FAKE CORONA strain

After realizing that people are no longer scared of the old FAKE corona, they have manufactered another FAKE corona strain in south africa which they claim is more virulent to young people to try and force alpha males to take up the vaccine.

Still, we maintain corona is as FAKE as the promise of hell and heaven.

I wish you lose a lung !

If wishes were horses

Tumekaa ngumu tangu March, hatutishiki. Mimi huchekacheka na tens of customers daily bila mask, gloves, ama sanitizer and I’m still going strong. Apantambua corona chieth.

Hii corona ni fake sana

Wah! This one sounds serious. :eek: It’s affecting the young, those without underlying conditions. May the Good Lord continue to protect Africa.
Anyone who still thinks covid is a hoax, err wake up! You’ve had almost one year to process this information.

Things are thick. China must be compelled to share information regarding this virus. Have they done so? How come we don’t hear the same in China? Is there Covid even in China, yet it’s the source country? These guys are playing cat and mouse games with our lives.

Manufactured specifically for African youths. A proud product of Wuhan China.

Kuna wajinga hawezi saidiwa mpaka waone mtu wana juwa mae kufa for some in the US even with their dying breaths they will still claim it’s a hoax, human stupidity knows no bounds
“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” ~ Albert Einstein.