New digital Tv and radio station

Guys, how much does it cost to start a new Digital TV station, and what are the requirements.
Those who are kind enough ,please share your ideas.

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Following. I want to venture into one that deals with tech purely.


I have some birrionea friends walionyeshwa moshi na hii biz, hata afadhali kulipa dowry ya 500k kila mwezi kuliko kumwaga pesa kwa hii biz.

leta hekaya

Following as well.

cc SK Macharia
Royal Media.


start a ngwati hosting site

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‘Grabbed’ za KBC.

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It appears the barrier is quite low in terms of leasing a broadcast frequency, shida ni content

Yeah, nowadays content is king.

conten si shida shida ni sirkal yenu na stupid policies zao

serikali imekuzuia ku produce content?

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Ezekiel Mutua nonsense.

one of the reasons @shocks