New C63 AMG

Strategic error by Mercedes removing a V8 and replacing it with a 4 cylinder chieth. Sasa hapa exhaust sound kwanza ni zero.

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Ujinga ya hizi ujinga za ESG na DEI wanaambiwa wafuate yet a company to be successful it needs to meet customer demands si corporate ovelords kama Blackrock wishes. Hata unaona Yuess EVs zimejaa dealerships watu hawazitaki.


Bring back the V8


All they need is to price it competitively and sell the badge in Africa


Bila hio rev yake wacha ikae

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Fuck climate change BS. Wanafaa watafute technology ya kutrap carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses.


Exhaust sound is actually doctored. They are designed to make specific sounds.
But what’s the other advantage of a V8 vs 4 cylinder twin turbo?

You will never doctor a 4 cylinder to sound like a v8 not unless the sound is 100% fake and pumped through the speakers.

4 cylinder twin turbo produces more turbulence in the exhaust.
Vehicle Enthusiasts doctor these car sounds all the time , using exhaust systems.

Seems like you are an expert on this down to technical details, sijui that deep. Can the new c63 sound as good as the 4 litre v8 and other previous engines? 4 cylinder mi najua inasound fity pekee yake ni za boxer Subaru.

I am a car enthusiast. Owned quite a few. Kenya is a small car hobby market. But one thing I will tell you, on stock cars with a higher end price tag, manufacturers design the car sound. They want it to sound a certain way, they design it so. In fact including how the door sounds as you close it.
So now on engine sounds, a V4 will sound louder because they have to use large injectors. Exhaust sounds just goes how they want.
4 cylinder vs v8, I am like you, I will always take the 8 ( non-turbo).

I do know exhaust systems form the major part of the sound and they can definitely be engineered. You could get close but you can’t fake cylinder count and displacement. Show me a single instance where a 4 cylinder was made to sound like a v8.

Maybe they don’t want them to sound the same.

Iko tayari. Inaitwa Bamboo trees.