new break...officers shot

dead…while guarding church at ukunda…per NTV

RIP @pamba

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NKT… These ferking alshaitans should hunted and killed.

RIP fallen heroes


May their souls rest in peace…

Quickly switch to citizen TV. RAO is live on TV

he’s even on NTV

Despite our political divisions alkebab will never divide us


according to governor mvurya the two officers died. several injured in the ensuing pandemonium. rifles stolen. there were four perps as per county commissioner kutswa oraka…

The incident happened at ack church within diani kwale county Ibiza church so far one cop is still being treatment.


The presidency is at ACK thika while Raila is at ACK jogoo road now this attack in ukunda ACK…still thinking


my post is based on the live report with the two officials being interviewed “live”. the officers are dead, one on arrival at ukunda hospital while the second when being transferred to mombasa…

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kazi ya joho hio,amassing weapons for causing havoc after election which he knows his tingod will loose with a big margin

Ofisa pole lakini rudia hii statement yako

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alshsaitan meffi kabisa

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Why coz I’m quoting from what I’ve read somewhere about the sergeant?

I doubt its al shababs, hii ya kuiba bunduki mbili ni M.O ya MRC or a similar group


Good to know that you are well constable.Is that how you shoot English?

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Al Shabab rely on their weapons…mostly explosives.

:D:D:D wangejua tu ni vile uko commerciel break tho. Waambie ukirudi zoomalia watajua hawajui.

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Raiya ameitishwa pia damu ya askari? I thought ni ya virgin gels in boardn schools tu