New Best Hotel, Busega. Part 2

I’m back in nyabo land and decided to revisit New Best Hotel in Busega. By the look of things the ferkers have been minting money to the point the spot is now renovated. Although my visit this time touched my conscience mpaka I’m thinking I want to start detoxing from visiting such brothels.

As usual the billionaire in me didn’t want to mingle with peasants so nikachukua VIP at 30,000 UGX (3,000 KES) This time around they were confiscating phones, to be returned when u exit, for an extra 2k UGX. The bouncer upon learning i don’t speak their luganda told me, “when u get in there just do what u see others doing” Kuingia there was a stage right by the entrance with mostly ladies and a couple of guys. I thought the guys on stage were actors…was i mistaken. Right away a 2 GB spectacled lass with just the right size of curve caught my eye. I made my way to the counter and ordered a nile. I went back to the main hall and took a chair at the far end of the stage. It is when I realized that all lanyes in the hall didn’t have underwear. And around the hall were mini-beds the size of that sieve ya kisiagi with small mattresses on top. On all these beds were at least 2-3 lanyes sitting on them. The idea is for 3000 KES u get to walk around the entire hall including the stage n ferk as many hoes as u want. All u had to do is walk up pull out ur dick, condomize n start shagging. As much as this was VIP the place reeked of peasantry and all kinds of VD. The best i could do is finger some lanye that was harassing me for a beer after which I headed to the bathroom n vigorously washed my hands.

I went to the normal section that goes for 10k UGX (350 KES) and at least guys were watching the Arsenal game with much more simpler looking langas. Although huko i ran into an underage, at least going by what she told n showed me on her social media…for the record I did not hit it.

On my way out the spectacled lass that had caught my eye on the way in looked tired and defeated. Imagine @mtingiza_kitanda and crew just walking up and sticking their dick in u with no questions asked. It was a sad spectacle to be honest.

Jamaa kama munataka usherati iko on steroids I recommend the spot. The big positives of the location is the amount of poocie and security of the place. I had forgotten my phone they took, went back na nikaipata bila kasheshe. FYI…there are 2 VIP spots. The one I have mentioned up there n a grown up version with a stripper pole.

Good tidings negroes…but remember ukimwi ni ile ile.


Hio takataka unalewa ni gani?

Nile Special…ndio tusker ya huku

Wapi mbisha ya milaya

Hauoni hapo simu ilichukuliwa

Hekaya safi sana. Will plan a trip to UG soon. Never been a fan of UG but might just visit it as an east africa tour. Tz nishaingia. Sasa bado UG na nisha bookmark hii location. Good review


Excellent review
I have had ugandan pudesh danguro nyingine imaitwa Club VIP iko juu ya Rico Pub…
I did not like it…
Will be visiting Uganda for another experience

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Ni kweli pussy lips ni refu kama za @KuwaitBabe ? Ati zinavurutika kama bladder

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Huyo alikuwa normal

Did you enjoy alittle Kachabali? anyway nice review… will visit soon

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Kachabali u try with the girl next door. Lakini kuro kukukojelea issa different type of freaky

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Malisaaa that horny mkamba

Holy water… :joy: