New bank notes to be issued should be laminated

[ATTACH=full]2744[/ATTACH] One can starve simply because a retailer wont accept a tattered bank note

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Pesa weka vizuri.
Lamination will increase cost of production.
Make it even hard to put in your pocket or wallet

How do you fold a laminated note to fit it into your pocket or wallet? Ama zitakuwa zinatoshana business card? By the way, do banks exchange old notes for new?



Kwanza: Makanga wote waende cash handling classes.
Pili: 50 & 100 notes be converted to coins.
Tatu: Eliminate 200 notes.

In some countries I hear they have sort of a laminated one instead of paper its like soft plastic.

Karoocy pia itolewe

Coins are trouble.
We will be making panya routes in our pockets.

Cashless transaction is the way out of this problem.

am not sure about lamination, all i know is that, the tu-50 notes are the worst affected na kuzeeka

Is the infrastructure for cashless in place? I doubt.

Its called polymer banknote and Zambia uses it.It decreases the production and replacement costs

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How about we eliminate one zero from our currency denominations (I forget the technical term but recall the DRC doing it) i.e divide by 10. If that’s too much, by 5 perhaps?

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Yes they do but nikubahatisha unaeza pata teller fala sana.Remember there was a drive to return coins in supermarkets in exchange of banknotes well some supermarkets would refuse to count the coins so it was upto you.


Lipa na mpesa is doing that little by little we will get there.
All banks visa or master card can be swipe for payment that is also a step

wewe ni karao wa traffic??? :D:D:D

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I hope you’re alive to the shenanigans surrounding our currency printing contract(s).

…how does it eliminate tear?

do you know the amount of feaces in a note???

Since 1 note is kitu 1g so fecal matter is about 700mg especially hiyo ya 50 then mtu wa mei choma mutura is the chef cum cashier.