New Additions for Man United

They are:

  1. Bastian Schweinsteiger
  2. Matteo Darmian
  3. Morgan Schneiderlin (to be announced by the end of the day)
  4. Memphis Depay

They are also expected to sign one of Nicolas Otamendi of Valencia or Sergio Ramos.

The Guardian also ran a story claiming Cavani is LVG’s main target for the number 9 position, problem is PSG would want Di Maria in exchange.

Good job Ed, over to you LVG. GGMU.


bado kikombe hampati

good for them. hope they will now have the tactics to convert the talent into a winning outfit…


bado Everton itawachapa 4-0

Some typos from the grammer Nazi himself.
LVG now has a very balanced squad, based on last season’s tinkering I’d say he will unleash lots of trouble for opponents.

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Back to the winning ways


De gea akienda all this will be in vain
Na cavani amechoka

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De Gea will stay unless Real Madrid sell Ramos to United, show me a better centre-back than him.

Plus United could bring in Lloris from Tottenham who is probably the most under-rated goalkeeper in the world. or Dutch No. 1 keeper Cillessen, who had better stats than De Tea or even Oblak from Atletico Madrid, a rising star.

Cavani will flourish at number 9 especially with Di Maria, Young, Darmian, Shaw, Blind and Rojo to bring in the crosses, andMata, Carrick, Bastian, Depay and Rooney to slip 'em through balls and killer passes.

But I’ve got to admit Muller would be a better fit.

Kumbe ata wewe ni Man Utd damu…? I Like:)

Count me in, dear


Cavani is wasteful and cannot make it in the EPL. Lakini I agree with some of your observations.

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We need a finisher with poachers instinct chicharito fits the bill but kean will do the job perfectly no need for muller can’t be bought…

Why is Man United transfer business hurting Arsenal fans so much. They have been acting all bitchy the whole day on Twitter. As a neutral I don’t see why it should concern them so, their team should be doing its own transfers.

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Haters galore but nw watch united challenge chelsea for the title nxt ssn & for once we got an excellent midfield

I say get otamendi and benzema then close shop. Europe itaamka

Thats an outstanding and excellent choice of players, am really hoping we retain De Gea, his shoes are too big and wide cz this new players will need time to blend their game together and while thats happening we will need De Gea to hold it down the same way he did the whole of last season! Else itakuwa another case of Falcao!

All am saying…Na watchia inje ya 18…kabla nianze kujipiga kifua!


could Di maria leaving be the reason for these many signings?

The Manchester United winger – a priority signing for Laurent Blanc – is on the verge of completing a €60 million transfer to Parc des Princes

Source: Le Parisien

LVG would have signed all these players irrespective of Di Maria’s potential exit.

I’m not really sure Manchester United are looking to offload Di Maria, he fits in pretty well in Van Gaal’s systems which favour wingers.