Never Ever, Ata Kwa Dawa Siwes

This is how the flatbed traillers without tippers are offloaded, kaa mujuavyo time is money na lazima offloading ifanyike haraka iweskanvyo. kaa huamini handbrake yako hio truck inainuliwa ukiwa ndani umekanyanga brakes
je wewe, would you remain in the cab truck ikiinuliwa?

Nawekelea hizi mawe ziko hapa in the foreground.

More importantly insurance itasimamia ajali hapa???:mad::eek:

Maybe for the adrenaline rush.
But lazma hio truck iwe imefanywa pre-tilt check ka zote.

hapo ukiwa na tire zimeisha kama slippers wewe kwisha

shait i once did that, wasnt actually driving the rig, it was just for the thrill and curiosity (had been asking too many questions so i was given a chance to sit in the cabin)

When the truck is almost vertical and the load starts falling off, there is that slight shaking and slight backward motion and scary metal clicking nouse when the load and gravity are dragging the truck against the stop barriers, i nearly pissed on my self, actually now that i think about it, i must have passed a couple of drops.

but the adrenaline rush for a newbie, its un-matched, an absolute high, you walk out of the truck and your whole body is trembling, you can barely support your self

Sounds like something millennials would pay to experience.:cool:

Hapa ni Kali

Unasema haiko secured na nyororo kwa hiyo something?


:eek: Siweskubali!

Hesimu truck drivers.
mimi ata kaa am a thrill seeker hio siwes, acha unga imwagike

now that you are older and more mature, would you do it again

I would, looks thrilling, but once and only once!

There’s a guy I rode with. We stopped for fuel in Nakuru and when he climbed off the bike his legs were jelly.
Dude came down in a heap.

its actually very safe, where i was doing it, they offload atleast 400 loads that way on a daily basis

They dont even switch off the trucks when doing that or even apply hand brakes, it works like the London bridge, you park your rig, then an operator raises some huge metal supports which hold the track (between the engine and trailer) and the rear most axle, this supports prevent the truck from sliding backwards, then they lift the bridge, can support 100+ tonnes.

but as you probably know, there is that ka space between the stoppers and axle because when its flash on the ground (horizontal) it has to leave some space.

now when its almost at the top, it slightly moves backwards with massive force and slams on the stoppers , thats where a newbie calls their mother

science of stupid …


Wacha tuheshimu watu na kazi zao. Mimi hata riding in trucks sipendi

wacha ikae…

:eek::eek::eek: Wacha ikae priss