Never ever accept money from any female

I do not know who needs to hear this, women were not meant to look after grown men. It is nontraditional (African), it goes against the laws of nature and the universe frowns on it.

Women just cannot handle it. They will never keep it to themselves I tell you. If a woman lends you or gives you money, be sure you will hear about it even in your eulogy.:
“This man you see lying in the casket today, I really stood with him. He had no money of his own, everything he had, I gave him. This is why I am filled with so much sadness because I really invested in him.”

I am telling you she will even be giving a thanksgiving testimony at church and still find a way to tell everyone she gave you money. “ People of God, today I stand before you, filled with gratitude because the Lord has done it for me. Last week, the tender that I have been praying for has come through. You know Baba Molly has not had a job for the last five years and I have been the one holding the family together. Praise God! Now because of this tender, I can give him the one million he requires to start a business. Hallelujah!”

Listen, when she gives you money, she expects loyalty, loyalty that surpasses that of a dog. The minute you side step on anything, she shall be reciting all the money she has ever given you while she threatens to jump off a balcony. “ Davie, it’s me you are making a fool of with that other woman when that shirt you are wearing I am the one who bought with my chama money?”

The thing is, when a woman starts giving a man money, she loses respect for him. That just the way it is, take it up with God and the universe. Also, do not start with the nonsense that oh, if you love each other, money should not matter.

Let me give you a formula:
[SIZE=5] Love to a woman is security, love to a man is respect. Therefore, a man whose strategy is to get money from a woman will not get respect and the woman will not get security which results in zero love. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]If your woman works hard, you have to work harder. A man must be the provider, the head. It is in the bible. God in the bible claims to be a father to the fatherless and a husband to the widow. Why? they need security. God in the bible has never claimed to be a wife to the widower. Money is security. If you are a man and think it is ok to take money from a woman, you are a rogue! [/SIZE]

It can never be well with a woman who decides to take the place of a man and be the provider. Heartache is almost always her portion. My friend and I have been doing our own little research to find success cases but up until now, we have not found. Women, especially older ones who think they are missing out on mates, tend to pick up any wild animal, scrub him down and set him beside her. They are the providers, believing that he is capable of loyalty.

My mother used to say that if you do not let a man be a man, he will find somewhere else to be a man. Such women are usually surprised to find that the man they ‘picked’ from nothing, is now a breadwinner, using her money, in another home where he is of course respected for being a man.

Do not let anyone fool you, women are not providers. Aside from the fact that they will not be able to keep it to themselves, the disrespect they will show you, unconsciously or otherwise, will be too much and the world will not turn as it should.

[SIZE=3] felgona oyuga[/SIZE]

First and foremost. Credit the Source
2. Pesa ni pesa, if it comes my way who am i to refuse?

Everyone says that until they meet a sugarmummy with unending supply of $$.

This thread doesn’t apply to you juu wewe hupewa pesa na wanaume. Light skinned idiot.

Na kama ni mpango amenipatia 100K, ameniwekea kwa account, nikatae nimwambie sitaki nimrudishie?

Beta men are the providers. Women will look for an alpha to get his seeds after riding the cock carousel she will look for beta provider.
Don’t be a provider, just have sex and move on and ensure she pays the bill for spending time with an incredible person like you.

You and your traditions can suck it.
Never under-estimate your worth.

No more words, thread closed!

Iko nini

A tricky mishmash of points here…mostly true. I have always maintained that I would look down on a man who accepts money from me…said this wearing my ‘singleton’ days hat. Na siuongo. Proven that.
However, I would never look down on my husband if he is stumped for cash and so I got to run the household alone. Raaai? I would however be weary of injecting any big amount of money into his projects because I have seen disaster happen over and over and over again. You bail him out, businesses take off…then soon…
…knock knock knock,
…whose is there, I asketh
…Ms Slay
…Slay who I asketh
…Slay Queen…

Hope you recall the knock knock game we used to play in nursery! hehehe

Back to the points Felgona’s mum was right when she said let the man be the head else…ataenda kwingine where the red carpet will be rolled out. Lastly, I believe money issues matter a lot in a relationship.

sasa how harder can Waigurus husband work?

he must dog style her each night that wen she moves on he had enough of that pssy… in short ukioa mporaji sukuma millage ifikie Boeing 787

he must dog style her each night that wen she moves on he had enough of that pssy… in short ukioa mporaji sukuma millage ifikie Boeing 787

Screw what she says. If she is giving me mullah mimi ni nani nikatae?

pesa ikuje accumulate what you can give back nothing

Wacha kupiga brown skin high boot hivyo. But since the referee waved play on, who am I to say stop? Malisa hio ghasia.

Bantu brikicho= Truman Capote


buana @Brikicho Bantureh milimani mums wamekulipa ngapi kukashifu @Mfalme Bingwa Scrotum hadharani namna hii?