Never allow pornsters to frustrate you performance in bed

It is quite unfortunate that young men below 35 years are using performance enhancing drugs to last longer in bed. This is after watching porn episodes and seeing the pornsters lasting for over an hour doing several styles and pouring huge cum shots.
Some ladies have even dumped their boyfriends because the boyfriends do not perform as the pornsters.
below is an exerpt from a porn movies director. Porn is all fake!
“the angles are all fake. when you see that closeup of the dick going in and out of her, its bc they positioned to the side, and only like an inch or two is going in and out.there is a lot of pausing, a lot of laughing, a lot of texting, etc in between shots.the way we have to shoot the sex makes it not the most pleasurable. hence lots of faking.the money shot. if a guy can’t produce, there’s a million ways to fake it, and they are used much more readily than youd think. no director wants to stand around while a guy who’s been hard for 3 hours tried to jerk out a tiny little spit of cum. they’ll move right to the tricks. fuck that. yup, the smell. some shoots smell great, some smell pretty awful. i shot an all anal 4 way”
if you last only a few minuts or even seconds, don’t worry. They say it is the quality not quantity.


Does the last sentence also apply to cum?

You seem quite bitter ! here’s a tip if your going to watch porn with your girl Please choose asian porn those guys are tiny that will make you look like kingkong to your girl, lakini watching Mandingo porn boss ! your chick will look at them then your member ashindwe what went wrong !


Porn besides augmenting reality gives false hopes to viewers and us men in particular…u waste your body popping blue pills just to perform be like the porn stars.


you just do your stuff the best way you know how… hata 800 metres na marathon zina wenyewe

I am a marathon guy nt 100metre

WWE fake, porn fake - next u r going to tell me Vee-Baiby’s butt is fake. SMH

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Try the passionate hd ones, they are not that fake


hapana…kwanza cum ya pornsters ni yoghort au lotion

Kwanza tengeneza hii kizungu :eek::eek:


Dampened …yaani wamewamwigilia maji

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That was one disgusting thread. If you want to read

[li]very disgusting indeed @MaryJane. But quite insightful. Many people are misled by what they see in these videos, especially those daring enough to engage in anal sex. It is dangerous. The Anus is strictly an exit point for shit and ought not to allow any entry. [/li][/ul]

As I said a week earlier, I made my own porn clip but was caught in the act but despite her obvious displeasure, she never asked me to delete it. On viewing later I was left shocked at the size of my tool going in and out. Only in very few porn clips have I seen a shaft that big.

Huhuhuhuhuhu. For the record, I don’t normally laugh like this.

:D:D:D:DAnd why should you laugh like that Unicorn dear?

Niaje @Mathice

Poa sana Unicorn, I see if we live together morning glory will be a daily fixture.

I do like worshipping.