netlix account

Netflix accounts for sale. already paid for. contact 0704408124

Netflix accounts for sale. already paid for. contact 0704408124

kwa nini nisilipe Netflix directly?

Ukipay directly broker atakula nini?

$11 ndio natafutia broker? Things must be very thick…

:D:D:Dnetflix si ya mama yake

Think he wants to share the logins…
Netflix can have upto 4 users at a time

Hii nizile namba unarushia jangili doo…kidogo kidogo mteja!’re blocked and he goes to Sabina Joy to enjoy his ‘hard earned money’

nunua android box. Wachana na netflix

Upeasant itakuua nanii,watu wameweka hadi amazon,hbo,mnet na kadhalika na hawasumbui …lanes buda

Nilikua na netflix but it became pointless once I got the android box. Netflix hukuanga limited with the amount of movies you can watch in kenya whereas android box you can watch practically any past movie/series.

Mambo ya lanes does not apply in this case bruh

Its the perspective son,there’s money to burn,there are people who still buy blue ray dvds,they don’t go for free online crap…so yeah,lanes

At what price, horrible UI, inconsistent quality, no easy subtitle options, no smart movie recommendations, based on your history, search… It’s all about the user experience with netflix, $9.99 ni beer tatu peke yake, of course for those who have the time and energy to wrestle with weak products then android box will work for them

Bro, an android box simply turns your Tv into a smart tv. The UI is basically the same as you would get with any smart tv. Also, it can be used on netflix if you have an account. My issue with netflix is that its too limited. Most of the movies I search for are not there. For example, Juzi I watched Armageddon which isnt there. The other day I watched Class Act and Two Can Play That Game… also not there. Currently watching a series V(2009) which is also not there.

Vast majority of the movies are excellent quality of atleast 1080p especially movies released in the last 20yrs or so. Older ones from the 80s and earlier also have good quality.

Just talking out ya ass… Cuz I have never met anyone who ain tricked out their entertainment with an android box or TV with android os… You don’t know the game player… Kuna apps and plus shit like kodi… No terrible ui and most of all… You pick what you choose from live sports to live channels from the globe…so baki na Netflix which BTW has been the wackiest year for em… Dont think this year kuna kitu ya maana netflix…

I have known Kodi for over 10 years . There is a reason Netflix is worth Billions of dollars.

KODI and all those other shit apps, they are horrible and should never be used by any sane human, I mean the content is not curated, rated, verified e.t.c, you are at the mercy of some unpaid, obese nerds working naked out of their basement to provide content sources … WTF!!!

I was probably one of the earliest Kenyans to use this kind of things, I mean imported my first Chromecast (A predecessor to Android box) in sometime 2013 and I still use it but only exclulively with Netflix, Showmax and other paid accounts and free products backed by serious companies like Youtube, when I was maturing up, I was a Kodi fan, but now I regret all the quality time lost using that piece of shit…

Are there any other new killers apps apart from Kodi? would be happy to check again… My biggest problem with Kodi is some sources are very unreliable, can’t support proper bandwidth 24/7, then there is the issue of invalid links, horrible UI for login and subtitle integration, not to mention the exposure to dark internet actors

I dont know anyone who uses Kodi these days. I use Morpheus and Cyberflix only. Ofcourse I use the box for stuff like youtube as well. Used to use it for Netflix but let my membership lapse cause it seemed pointless to pay for something I never use.

If you asking about other apps… And you saying you the pioneer… Taking about chromecast
Kodi builds ziko… But they are scene related… If you ain part of the gang iza kaukiwa solo… And apps pia ziko… Fuck even guys got plex with scripts that download and stream when they air
I got Netflix and its crap now stop trying tl defend something I been using since it existed… Its in the same bin as Hbo go sasa… Nothing really special is going on…in short quoting their market value means shit now… Their catalogue is getting weaker by time… Like I am literally thinking what I haven’t watched and to expect this year… And nothing comes to mind… There is no show Netflix has I’m stoked to watch for the rest of the year… Believe dat


have you tried these codes?
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I am always able to find something I can watch whenever I go there… netflix’s catalogue is not impressible, but with netflix plus showmax and youtube, you can always find something without the hustle of the ghetto apps