Wanakijiji there are some movies nikitafuta Netflix sipati coz of region and stuff so i tried using a vpn nikapata shida ni i can’t watch it ju Netflix wameblock if not all a big majority of vpns. So is there a way around it

ungegoogle vpns which allow netflix,I use express vpn and have never had issues but Si server zote zinakubali netflix,Hata hio service unatumia try different servers niko sure utapata yenye inafanya

How much is Netflix per month

Basic is 8$, Standard 10$ and Premium 12$…first month is free.

I have Kodi, Morpheus etc all free. Why would I subscribe to Netflix?

Whats the difference??



Lol…guess who decides to show up.


and, yes, different servers can have different authentication/access. I personally use a free vpn called Psiphon both in pc and phone. I used to have this pandora app that basically streams songs but was exclusively for people within US. If I used my vpn with the “default server” option on, it would randomly select one which it deems the strongest at that moment. Usually, that pandora app wouldn’t work & and I had to manually select the US server which would work with no qualms.