Neptune Teezeh seranading his "teezeler"

this lad, a kenyan artist, has the spirit of a hustler but here he is love struck in Nikiwa Nawe song

We do not click ATA IKIWA NA CLIT.

its meant for those who are interested. please no negative vibe.

It might as well be a trap. Ever wondered why we do not click? Some asshole might put a link with incriminating videos and sounds that can disturb patrons where am seated.


i get it

Okay, @gaschamber, now you’re getting it but story za muziki are posted in the entertainment section.

Thank you for this comment.



and by the way, in case you are promoting your own work just tell wanakijiji. They’ll wish you luck,advice you etc but unwanted links create trauma to villagers.

he he

GASCHAMBER IS A FUKCING SPAMMER. I have seen what it does in other forums.
siwesclick siwesclick.siwesclick siwesclick.siwesclick.skwesclick siwesclick.siwesclick.siwesclick.siwesclick.siwesclick.siwesclick

eish @gaschamber how do you like someone calling you a spammer?

Hapa umenowa, kama kuna CLIT mimi NITACLICK