Nepotism? IEBC Selection Panel Chair Elizabeth Muli

Apparently Elizabeth Muli is a daughter-in-law to former Attorney General Mathew Guy Muli.

Elizabeth Muli was also on the panel that recruited the DPP in 2018. She is a lawyer but wasn’t in practice at the time and has not been for the past 4 years yet she was called to the bar in 1996.

Curiously during the IEBC interviews she didn’t ask legal questions but dwelt on general knowledge questions.

Her husband Nduva Muli a former PS in the Ministry of Transport is brother to Court of Appeal Judge Agnes Murgor.


Nothing surprising
Am happy my good friend Prof Richard oduor held his own during the interview

Milf safi sana.

African governments are ran by a collection of families my friend.

That’s how stuff works, the system isn’t broken, it was meant to work that way. Look at devolution, it has ended up giving us prominent families and power brokers across the country.
It’s either your inside or outside.

The phenomenon is worldwide, very few people come from the streets and make it to the top.

And Agnes Murgor is married to Philip Murgor…

Hustler akichukua , mama mboga ndio atakuwa anapewa hio kazi ya Chair

Appointment to positions like IEBC head or commissioner or AG, DPP, EACE head etc means one is already compromised and the appointing authority and selection panel know it and its what they are looking for.

There is no way a known person of integrity who can stand up and boldly call out illegalities perpetrated by the elites can be appointed to those positions

It’s worse in the west. Those boys club are a code for some families. Unconnected people usually have short relevant life in active politics.