Jana I attended some funeral of a two month old baby who apparently died from stress according to the Doctor. The mother is a drug addict, from alcohol, shisha, cigarettes, cocaine. So today I decided to Google about it. Kids born of drug addicted mothers go through hell, when in the womb their bodies get dependent on the drugs and they suffer ten times the withdrawal symptoms of adults when they are born and all of a sudden the drug supply stops.


This is disgusting and sad, .

Mod on duty and you’re encouraging the village to go the Rwandan way!

To be honest sijakuelewa.

Fwata thread ya crashed helicopter

This is just sad. Why follow through with the pregnancy in the first place?

Wanawake mko na vituko, saw one kwa bash about 7months pg and smoking like chimney na miraa kwa mdomo.

Ni kukosa kujua madhara