Who does these sites for the government? There is this one for student and staff management called NEMIS . The site loads like a windows xp using a 50kbps internet.

Some system designers need to know the kind of environments most of their users operate in before they deploy the system. They are too ambitious for comfort.

the guys who created that website should be stripped and whipped


Sisemi kitu

try removing the nemis directory

kwa gava anyone can become anything bora anukishe kitunguu

Yes works but took ages to load


Even these niggers can not find that site. Too secure.

And then utaskia the website was allocated a budget of 6million. U see what these people does is an inside guy knows a guy who knows a guy who can build a website for 50k so all those "guys’ in between ni mabrokers wanakula hio 6m wanalipa @web guru kama Malaya baadae wanaweka advert Kwa gazeti they make all the necessary paperwork to cover their asses and drive those huge fuel guzzlers na yeye @effractarius electronicus na degree na diploma zake hatawai pata tender ata moja coz hajui mtu yeyote Kwa govt

A good christian you are :slight_smile:


are you a priest?

chezeni chini wasee…

Teachers have been complaining over this site !

Even the TPAD was a disaster.

a good christian (catholic), logged in with an account named precious :D:D:D:D:D

now you realize why i dont DFHKM ovyo ovyo

The site needs 100% review.