It was always eerily beautiful on nastily cold, foggy mornings in this part of the valley, and the electricity black out in his neighborhood did not particularly encourage movement.

He lay motionless on his shaggy mattress staring up at the darkness of the crammy room, lost in his thoughts he wandered in the vast fields of his fuzzy memories. Stopping every now and then to grin at his embarrassing moments.

One that particularly stung he beheld joylessly, wondering for the umpteenth time what options he had in the situation.

He had been a true romantic, employing courtesy as an armor and a bouquet to sweep her off her feet. He had also employed litigation and shadowy lawyers in the final run.

Wasn’t the white picket fence and two automobiles the ideal zone? looking around the mildly dark room he could see crashed beer cans and cigarette stubs.
A faint smell of burnt rubber and sharp perfume lingered in the air alongside it, a month ago it had crumpled old clothes and served as the most obvious hide out spot.

He had also stood in the room with a dazed out look then, but now he lay still with the dazed out look only difference was he was mighty hammered.

Suddenly the lights flickered on and a resounding whoop cut through the air, immediately the music came blaring back on as the house party proceeded.

He stepped out of the storage into his immaculate sitting room, well not quite immaculate now since there were half a dozen couples in sudden stages of undress and 2nd base.

He looked at a rather clean spot on the wall where the family picture had hang for years,he was going to miss his family he admitted to himself.

As he filled up his tumbler, he would miss his family

As he lit up his blunt, he would miss his family

As he pulled the lady with long legs, he would miss his family

As he unhook her bra, he would miss his family

Or would he?

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