Nelson Mandela

Guys, it is necessary that we understand the truth about this man. All your opinions will be helpful in this question.
When was Nelson released from prison?
What was his cell number.
Why did he divorce Winnie?
Did Mandela die earlier than we were told?

Mandela didnt die. He became an alien and migrated to Jupiter.

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Nelson mandela never existed. He is an invention of the media. The guy who played mandela anaendeshanga taxi pale Bloemfontein, SA.

Same guy acted in The Gods Must Be Crazy.

haiya?..sijawahi jua hiyo part. Mossad and CIA played that mandela script on contract by the then white government.

Release-Feb 11 1990

Convict number-The second time that Mandela wasimprisoned on Robben Island was in 1964, and he was the 466th prisoner that year. Hisprison number remained 466/64 until 1982, when he was transferred to Pollsmoor Prisonand given the prison number 220/82. “Prisoner 46664” continues to be used as a reverential title for him.

Divorce-Bitch killed a teen

Dead?-Yep he’s maggot food

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Ni kama ile copy ya ati vile Tupac bado yuko alive. Same as the Musando shite. Its hearsay. People dont wanna let go.

Accept N Move on

Mandela ni Illuminati kama @admin na @introvert , ma vampire .

He was a ferken sellout. Trading SA black community for fame and money.

ahaaa … you got it. that guy sold blacks for thirty pieces of silver.

Hehe … the Kennedys group of handles

It was more complicated than that.

Please do tell.

Blaming all the problems of South Africa on Mandela is callous.

True. It is also true that he did nothing to sort out problems SA as a nation had then. SA never healed, still hate the mzungu. To some point he was good cus he didn’t steal from his own people like the Kenyarras hapa nyumbani.