You’ve been missing since 10 this morning, please come back baby. I promise i will never do that again.


Pussy whip…@Meria Mata you sir are pussywhipped.

can’t a girl go to communion without hyenas drooling in overdrive?

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You two dont know what happened. The poor girl is in shock. So you Better keep off

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@Meria Mata = @Nefertities :D:D:D:D

Been hanging around to see that groin pic. @Meria Mata harakisha priss


You’re acting like Weak Mill you’ve been pussy whipped as someone said apo juu

Oh Dear Jehova Wanyonyi. Just saw it. Me is fainting. Saved it for future use

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@Unicorn me IRL after seeing those pics


Mmmmmmmh lemme finish fainting first. Talk to you later.

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is it only me or this shemales name sounds funny?
what does it mean @meriamata

What did I miss…@unicorn

what…sasa nikumeria mata for real…:slight_smile:


Haha. Tools make the world go round! @Nefertities @Supu don and @Unicorn don’t hurt yourselves in your alone moments. @Luther12 is on standby in case…

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Be clear. Which tools you talkin’ 'bout?

@Nefertities 'ssup dawg. Wanna go hang out? Cleared some bricks from the bando so got some racks in ma pocket to blow. Can tag yah fellow niccurs too.

lol post some pics then we gon’ see what you about niccur.

Niccur i don’t wanna kill @Meria Mata s vibe

that means you ain’t got nuthin’. I forgive you.