Need TV

I need to take another step from peasantry and am shopping for a 43 inch TV costing between 55K-60K with a preference for LG, Sammy and Sony. Leteni choices and reasons please.

step ya kwanza ilikua ipi?

Bonoboism manifesting itself. Look here son, the first step you take from peasantry is investing and making proper financial decisions. TV is just a luxury nothing more.

With that said, its 2020 where the person typing next to you is most likely not using a Nokia phone, the car in front of you could be a Merc and thus your TV shouldn’t necessarily be a Sony, LG or Samsung. You could save 15k off your budget by getting a TCL or Hisense. Also I dount whether a 43inch could be that expensive for the brands you’ve mentioned. Anyway I perfectly understand the concept behind likes and preferences.

By peasantry, I meant going Higher tech kidogo otherwise am simply upgrading my Samsung 720p, 32inch

Those are are my preferences. Considering the size of my farm cabin, that size is OK

32inch Sammy

Just Get the 55 inch TLC, the one with harman Kardon sound bar. 60k will be enough

I am talking about the brand not size.

I thought it’s on 65’ and cost 120k+

Mujamaa you dint have to explain yourself to anybody. Nunua chenye roho yako inataka … YOLO

Na niaje hizi threads za kubuy tv , tatu in one week zafaa kua merged

Go for the TLC 60" uhd smart 4k with a soundbar.

Mine is 55’ with HK bar. Maybe there is also a 65’ too

Io tv iko aje especially for 720p and 1080p content?

Its awesome. I do 4k often.