Need some help please.

Are there any swahili cartoons and nursery rhymes DVDs for kids i could purchase or download?. Please assist.

So many you will be spoilt for choice. Walk into any movie shop (zile za 50Bob) and tell them your problem.

Niko mbali :(. I was wondering if i could purchase them online or download.

Tuma pesa nikununulie. Na usisahau ya kutoa na ya kutuma mzigo

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promote local content by buying

would pirated CDs be a problem if sent over? cz the 50 bob movies sure are, someone could buy and send them over

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Swahili cartoon sijui but hizo nursery rhymes I can translate them and send a copy

Pirated stuff are not allowed. I don’t wanna get in trouble.

Someone tell me if there is something like a swahili kids band where i could buy original stuff from them. Like a swahili version of ‘The Wiggles’. @Deorro this is a business opportunity for you. Start animating swahili cartoons for kids jamaneni.

capital and manpower to do that ndio shida my dear

Tinga Tinga is good. Thank you. The accent on that Dino Lingo animation though:D:D:D

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Every journey starts with a simple step…

hehe yep, hope Tinga Tinga have a you tube channel, that can sort you out

will work on one for my final project halafu nikutumie.

tinga tinga was in engo if am not wrong. juu it was made for BBC cbebies hence it just had to be in english

Edit. just watched the above tinga tinga animation. i think they might have translated for the Tanzanian audience though the voice doesn’t sound natural. the original aired on citizen was in English

No they don’t and most of their episodes are in english :(:(but the few swahili ones will do. Better than nothing.

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I knew @Unicorn ni mwalimu wa kindergarten

Got a lecturer working on one for kids. I don’t know if it will be in Swahili or English. Will ask her then get back to you